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The discus fish (genus Symphysodon) is one of the most celebrated ornamental fish today. There are literally dozens of books already written offering detailed recipes for the successful selection, rearing and propagation of the “King of Aquarium Fish”. For the inquisitive and dedicated hobbyists, the basic challenges of keeping discus have mostly been overcome. For decades since its discovery, discus breeders have made this beautiful fish look more striking through selective breeding. Some chose to make the faint blue striations thicker, more intense and extended through the length of the body. Others merged these blue lines together turning the fish a solid fluorescent blue. For a brief period, it was thought that the pinnacle of discus breeding had been reached. What more can be done beyond making a naturally brown colored fish completely fluorescent blue?
In the past fifteen years, the unexpected has happened. Through genetic mutations coupled with vigilance and careful selective breeding, discus are now available in all colors of the rainbow. Discus today can be found completely covered in body markings or have absolutely none at all. Body markings can be straight lines, zigzags, polka dots or leopard rings. Gone are the days of simple drab brown discus. The variations available are only limited by one’s imagination.

This book celebrates the beauty of discus. For enthusiasts, it provides pinpoint advice on what to look for in selecting show quality discus and how they are judged in competitions. For breeders, it offers suggestions on how to improve existing strains and pursue new ones. It is also a photo journal of Trophy Discus.


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Trophy Discus the art of selecting, grooming and showing Discus – Dick Au

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ISBN 978-1-932892-04-8