Tanganyika Africa’s Inland Sea


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By Angel M. Fitor

Lake Tanganyika is one of the last still unseen underwater environments in the world. More than 200 species of fascination fishes, which most of them are endemic; crabs and shrimps, a jellyfish, sponges, mussels and clams; all inhabiting a huge isolated freshwater tropical environment since millions years ago at Africa’s heart, make this unique lake a true inland sea. It’s complex and intriguing fish communities are considered to be the most remarkable among the submersed environments on Earth.

Angel M. Fitor (Spain, 1973) is an accomplished nature photographer specialised on aquatic environments. Every year, his photographs illustrates lots of magazines and books worldwide, including aclaimed National Geographic Magazine. He has also been several times awarded at hte BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year, the most prestigious nature photography competition in the world.

As wildlife photographer, his envolvement and cpmopromise with conservation is an inherent part of his job. As he likes to state; he is a nature worker. This book is a humble tribute to Tanganyika’s amazing wilderness and a witness of its today’s greatness against a cloudy future. This is his first author’s book